GET Labs 2016

In organized health research, the “architecture of participation” (to borrow a term from Tim O’Reilly) is still in its infancy. A great place to see early formations and imagine what’s next, is GET Labs on April 25th at Harvard Medical School.

VIDEO: What is GET Labs?

Research teams from 18 participatory studies from around the US will be there, inviting you to various analyses, from gut and nasal microbiomes to the chemicals in your pee. Learn more. The list of participating studies is incredible, I hope you’ll join me.

  • American Gut Project. PI: Rob Knight, PhD. University of California, San Diego
  • Asthma Mobile Health Study. PI: Yvonne Y-Feng Chan, MD, PhD. Mount Sinai, New York
  • Boston Stress Study. PI: Neha Keshav, PhD. Neumitra, Boston
  • Circles in Human Biology: The Human Areola. PI: Abigail Wark, PhD. and Cliff Tabin, PhD., Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • DNA Land. PI: Yaniv Erlich, PhD. New York Genome Center and Columbia University, New York
  • Engaging with personal genomic information: an HCI perspective. co-PI: Orit Shaer, PhD. Wellesley College. co-PI: Oded Nov, PhD. New York University Tandon School of Engineering, New York
  • GLEAMS Project. PI: Clifford Andrew MD, PhD. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • GoViral Study. PI: Rumi Chunara, PhD. NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, Brooklyn
  • Harvard Personal Genome Project. PI: George Church, PhD. Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • Human Immunome Project. PI: James Crowe, MD. Vanderbilt Vaccine Center, Nashville
  • Indoor Track Facility Microbiome and its Relationship to Runners’ Nostril and Salivary Microbiomes. PI: Brian Klein, PhD. Forsyth Institute, Cambridge
  • Keeping Pace. PI: Rumi Chunara, PhD. NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, Brooklyn
  • Mole Mapper. Investigator: Dan Webster, PhD. National Cancer Institute, Bethesda
  • mPower. PI: Stephen Friend, MD PhD. Sage Bionetworks, Seattle
  • Open Humans. PI: Madeleine Ball, PhD., Boston
  • Personal Exposure Project. PI: Ruthann Rudel, Silent Spring. Newton, MA
  • TeamStudy. PI: Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
  • Test My Brain. PI: Laura Germine, PhD. Harvard Medical School and The Many Brains Project, Inc., Boston
Written on April 12, 2016